FarmWatch ALR Dinner, March 2, 2014

Harold Steves

Ray GalawanUpdates, March 2, 11 pm: Sun & Province.

Join FarmWatch BC at Vancouver’s Graze Restaurant on Sunday, March 2 for the FarmWatch ALR Dinner. The core period is 5:15–7:30 p.m., but Graze has scheduled the whole evening for the event.

Romantic food aspect:
Plant-based 3-course set menu “to provide people of all eating preferences something that they can really fall in love with.”

Fundraiser aspect:
For down-to-earth action to protect and respect the ALR, FarmWatch is hard to beat. Graze will pass on to FarmWatch a significant part of the proceeds (details below).

Dr. Lenore NewmanPanel discussion aspect—
Three panelists will add food for thought:

  • Richmond councillor Harold Steves
    (top left) helped found the ALR.
  • Dr. Lenore Newman (left) researches and writes about it.
  • Farmer Ray Galawan (above right) defends it on the front lines.

Graze Restaurant, 3980 Fraser Street, VancouverLocation: Graze Restaurant is at 3980 Fraser Street, Vancouver. It’s on the east side of Fraser just north of 24th Ave. There’s ample street parking nearby (but no parking lot). Graze is also on the #8 and #25 bus routes.

Phone Graze:
(604) 620-8822

Graze on FacebookGraze websiteEmail

Suggested timeline from FarmWatch:

  • On Sunday, March 2, you can meet the panelists at Graze Restaurant with your questions & ideas from 5 p.m. on (to 9:30 p.m. if need be).
  • By around 5:15 p.m (and not later than 5:30 p.m.), arrive and mingle.
  • By 6 p.m., be seated for dinner. FarmWatch encourages you to welcome others to join you—and you to join others.
  • Roughly 6:30–7:30 p.m., listen to the panelists and discuss.
  • 8:00–10:00 p.m.: cocktails and tapas, if you wish. Full Graze menu available too.

Intro to FarmWatch BC: FarmWatch is a grassroots group of farmers and residents in Richmond, B.C. Together they are working to protect farmland and farm ecosystems from dumping and degradation. Their efforts have demonstrated:

  • The inadequate farmland protection at all levels of government
  • The urgency of defending the ALR
  • The fundamental need for respect, autonomy and proper funding for the Agricultural Land Commission
  • The ability of determined respecters of farmland to get results

Intro to Graze:

  • Plant-based restaurant
  • Focused on local, sustainable & organic produce
  • Committed to values-based business & supporting social change

Price—threecourse dinner (set menu)

  • Sliding scale: $35–50, depending on your means and inclination.
    Beyond the first $30, whatever you pay goes to FarmWatch.
  • Tips for the restaurant staff are extra. (The tip would normally be on the basic amount.)
  • Taxes are also extra: GST at 5%. (No PST except 10% on alcoholic drinks.)

Reservations: (604) 620-8822.

Note: Graze Restaurant is open from 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. on weekends.


Small update—Graze Restaurant has clarified in response to a Friend of Garden City’s question:

If a participant chooses to pay (for example) $50 for the basic dinner, do they pay the 5% GST on the whole $50 amount, even though Graze will be donating the amount over $30 to FarmWatch?

Answer:  Yes, the participant will pay the GST 5%, which would amount to $1 extra in the example. However, Graze will donate that extra GST amount (the extra $1 in the example) to FarmWatch.

That approach enables Graze to use their computer system for fast service and then calculate the rebate to include in the donation a little later. The approach Graze is taking is both sensible and thoughtful. Kudos!

A later update: Graze now says “Attendees should arrive at 5:15 p.m. and no later than 5:30 p.m.” The article has been revised accordingly, using red type to show the updated arrival times.

An even-later update about reservations:  Graze Restaurant says you can phone or email at any time to make reservations, and it works well. They will later get back to you to confirm.



  1. 1
    Olga Says:

    I am confused – checked the restaurant’s web-site and they say it is a Set Menu for the event. Their set menu is shown to be $30 at any day of the week – there is a link to the food prices and it is shown as PRIX FIXE 30. So how it could be $35-$50 Sliding Scale? When people buy the pre-set menu for $30 and add some dishes on? If majority of the people are only able to eat the pre-set menu course – would that mean that there is going to be no donation toward the cause?

  2. 2
    kewljim Says:

    The preset menu dinner would be $30, and Graze and FarmWatch agreed on a sliding scale for participants in this particular event, $35-50. FarmWatch receives everything over $30. Therefore every participant will (in effect) be contributing at least $5 to FarmWatch.

  3. 3
    Carol Day Says:

    Thanks for hosting this event farm Watch I look very forward to learning more about how we can save our farm land.

    Carol Day

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