Richard Bullock wows with new message

Richard Bullock, chair of the Agricultural Land Commission of British Columbia

Update: For the latest re Richard Bullock, go here.

Richard Bullock is determined to keep improving the Agricultural Land Commission despite obstacles put in his path by cabinet ministers who should be on his side. (See previous articles for details.) That is evident in the recent Message from the Chair of March 2014.

Two of the highlights for me:

  • It’s great that the ALC is in the process of hiring two professional agrologists specializing in soil sciences. The unfilled need for staff agrologists was evident in the exclusion applications of 2005 and 2008 for the Garden City Lands and again with the Finn Road dumping situation that Richmond’s FarmWatch has addressed so diligently for over a year. Staff agrologists are even more essential when the ALC is doing ALR boundary reviews, with the need for extensive reliable assessment.
  • Along with timely reviews of key information, the thirteen-page message is filled with initiatives and accomplishments. It is amazing that the commission can accomplish it all with its tiny budget of under $3 million, minimal human resources. Ever since the current core review of B.C. government services was announced, I’ve thought that the ALC should be a focus as a model of best practices. From the new message from the chair, the suitability of the ALC as that sort of model is all the more striking.

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