Alert about legislation to limit ALC and ALR

Linda Geggie, BC Food Systems NetworkFrom Linda Geggie, @lgegs, Policy Chair, BC Food Systems Network:

Dear members and friends:

It’s going to happen this week.  We have heard that the legislation that we have been concerned about regarding changes to the ALR is going to be introduced by the BC Government.

The BCFSN Food Policy Working Group will be monitoring the house closely this week and report back to you what we learn.  A provincial Agriculture Land Alliance has also formed, and we will be having a conference call to discuss what responses we feel will take forward the concerns that we have as effectively as possible.

If you are on twitter you can follow for updates: @AgLandAlliance .

 Forwarded message from Guy Dauncey:

Re:  ALR Crisis

I have heard that legislation may be introduced by the BC government in the coming days or weeks that will affect the Agricultural Land Commission. More than ever, we need everyone to tell the government: “Hands off.”

There are two things you can do to help:

(a) Write to the Premier, PO BOX 9041, STN PROV GOVT, VICTORIA, BC V8W 9E1
Telephone: 250-387-1715

 (b) Share IntegrityBC’s petition with friends and colleagues across the province. Here’s the petition:

Madam Premier:

During this year’s provincial election campaign, the BC Liberal party did not campaign on plans to modify or scrap the Agricultural Land Commission. Search the party’s platform for Agricultural Land Commission and the result is clear: “no match found.”

Your party’s response to a specific question on the Agricultural Land Commission (posed by Metro Vancouver) during the campaign didn’t even hint at the plans now under consideration by your government.

You have no mandate to make the changes that were detailed in cabinet documents released – not by your government but by the Globe and Mail – and we ask that you immediately withdraw them from consideration.

You can stay up-to-date with news on the ALC by visiting the petition page. We regularly post news and upcoming special events there, so do check often.

And thank you. You’ve been great at helping us share the word. Together, you’ve helped bring us close to 6,000 signatures. And each time someone signs, we make sure Premier Clark hears that signature.


Update: Thanks for the report of an early hyperlink glitch. It has been fixed.


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