To Richard Bullock from British Columbia

Sent by email this morning:

Chair Richard Bullock,

One glaring aspect of the content and handling of the ALC Amendment Act 2014 is that it’s akin to constructive dismissal. You don’t need the ALR chair position, but British Columbians present and future do need you. We think you will keep your dignity and stand firm, as hard as that must be. Thank you!

Jim Wright
on behalf of the Garden City Conservation Society
and—we dare to say—British Columbia

Update: Now you can also sign an online Thank You Richard Bullock card.


  1. 1
    Sharon MacGougan Says:

    Jim, thank you for your support message to Richard Bullock. Strong and concise.

  2. 2

    Thanks Jim for the rapid response on this message of support to Richard Bullock.
    After hearing about the new zone 2 regions (North, Interior, Kootenays) about to receive relaxed protection, the ALC will certainly face an overwhelming task to combat the proposed projects that would undermine future agricultural abilities (i.e. Site C floodplain, pipeline corridors, mines, gas wells, etc.) All this during a time of record-setting droughts in California… Uncertainty of future conditions is certain, therefore the ALR must be in remain strong in all regions of BC to ensure certainty of farmland and food security throughout the province.

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