The ALR: When it’s being fixed, don’t break it!

British Columbia's Agricultural Land Reserve farmland in green

Let’s review the progress of the ALR in less than four years: The Auditor General showed how the ALC/ALR needed to be fixed: Audit of the Agricultural Land Commission, September 2010.

New ALC chair Richard Bullock, with Agriculture Minister Steve Thomson, reviewed the ALR with extensive consultation in order to fix it: Review of the Agricultural Land Commission: Moving forward: A strategic vision of the Agricultural Land Commision for future generations, November 2010.

Less than two years later, Richard Bullock reported to the province on the way’s the ALC was re-establishing the ALC’s priorities, re-allocating the ALC’s resources and embarking on transitional projects: Changing the way we do business: An update on the transition of the Agricultural Land Commission, August 2012.

The next year, Richard Bullock provided another thorough update in early-October 2013. Because of interference from a B.C. cabinet minister, he felt a need to include sections like “Nature and purpose of the ALR” and “A non-partisan ALC” (along with progress in transformation initiatives).

This spring, Richard Bullock provided still another thorough update in March 2014. There has been noteworthy progress in the boundary review in East Kootenay and in partnerships in northerly parts of the ALR. Staffing has been realigned for best results, and antiquated information technology is being replaced.

A few weeks later, Richard Bullock, along with the ALC and ALR, was sandbagged by the 2014 Bill 24 introduced by Bill Bennett. defaced-lion-statue

There are links to the bill, announcement, responses, etc., at the BC Food Systems Network.

The Agricultural Land Reserve, which was being professionally fixed, is now being bashed.

We’ve just learned about the vandalizing of the lions, sculpted simply but so meaningfully at the Stanley Park entrance to the Lions Gate Bridge—and looked after for almost twice as long as the ALR. One can’t help seeing the parallel between the two events.

Update: For the latest re Richard Bullockgo here.


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