THANK YOU card to ALC chair Richard Bullock in petition form

Richard Bullock, chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, listens to the Kalamalka Rotary.We’ve started a kind of THANK YOU card for Richard Bullock, chair of the Agricultural Land Commision, and his team.

(We first tried out a similar idea on this blog. It was well received. This time, the Thank You is in the form of a petition that simply asks the ALC chair and his team to accept our appreciation.)

It is a deserved act of gratefulness for a great job despite cabinet ministers working against him. They are politicians, but this isn’t partisan: it’s not for or against a political party.

In an indirect way, it could also save the ALR from Bill 24, the current bill to kill the ALR. Although that’s a bonus, it is exceptionally important for B.C.

Please sign the THANK YOU card yourself and use social media like Facebook, Twitter and the back fence to encourage others to do so too.

For context, there’s a related Richmond Review column, “Value the chair of the Anything Land Reserve (ALR).


Some details:

  • When you get to THANK YOU card online, you’ll see how it works.
  • Just your name and postal code appear in the petition that will be sent as a Thank You card. Here’s an example in PDF (with just a few names from a pilot group).
  • You do provide your email address, and that may be used for an occasional follow-up via*
  • This is the basic petition request: “We ask you, Richard Bullock and your ALC team, to accept our appreciation. You’ve earned it by doing a terrific job for the people of British Columbia and food security everywhere. THANK YOU!”
  • To get a sense of the Bullock team’s accomplishments, have a look at “The ALR: When it’s being fixed, don’t break it!
  • The occasion for this is Bill 24. The BC Food Systems Network, which impartially wants what’s best for food growers and eaters, has developed this concise BCFSN analysis of Bill 24.
  • As mentioned, “Value the chair of the Anything Land Reserve (ALR)” would fill that out.


*, “People Powered Change,” is led by young Canadians who are out to save the world one giant leap at a time. They’re okay with small steps too—whatever it takes. In keeping with that, please both add yourself to the THANK YOU card and then spread the word.

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    Lesley Pendleton Says:

    Too bad that you don’t have a contact number. I have been listening for days the sound of the beeping of a loader at the CA storage in Cawston. Oddly enough I didn’t thing you could turn agricultural land into a mining operation! But your friends at the CCS have done just that.

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