Bill 24 could respect food like water


The standard for any updated Agricultural Land Commission Act to meet and exceed has been set by British Columbia’s water act in its new form as the Water Sustainability Act. That is confirmed by Oliver Brandes as an independent expert with the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance. I recommend his opinion piece, “Is BC really going to get a modern Water Sustainability Act?”

Of course the Water Sustainability Act could be even better. Of course there is still extensive work to be done with the regulations related to that act. However, the new act has provided a solid renewed foundation.

That is in extreme contrast to what is being done with the Agricultural Land Commission Act, where the government wants to move on to remaking the regulations after using Bill 24 (now at 2nd reading debate) to shatter a solid foundation, which the ALC was in the process of making more solid.

The water topic is important in itself, but it is especially important in the context of the contrast in the same government’s approaches to water, a basic necessity for life, and to food, also a basic necessity for life. The context for it all is expressed like this in a simple National Geographic note: “Food, like water and air, is life.”

With the consultation on Bill 24 that practically everyone wants, a sustainable ALR act would most likely end up like the Sustainable Water Act. Unlike the disturbed thinking behind Bill 24, British Columbians would work together on this toward  common goal, respecting food—with the land that enables it—like water.


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