Open letter to Richard Bullock and Norm Letnick

Bcc to Friends of Garden City — a message sent today:

ALC Chair Richard Bullock and Minister Norm Letnick,

British Columbians all around the province have been signing the online Thank You Richard Bullock card, attached with signers’ names.

So far, there are almost seven hundred names. That is a remarkable number of people who have cared enough to say thank you to the low-profile chair of a quasi-judicial tribunal and his team, but informed opinion is growing. When one reads the names aloud, it becomes evident how many people they are.

Of course, the people who sign are much more than a number. When I read the names aloud, I notice the regions from the postal codes and sometimes google to get a sense of the human beings who are doing this. I hope you will do that too. The card is addressed to Richard Bullock but is clear about being shared.

I encourage you also to read the informed Garden City Conservation articles about Bill 24.

Particularly notice “Still a need to consult on Bill 24.” It responds to Voice of BC answers about consultation that feature the 2010 reports by the auditor general and ALC chair as major kinds of consultation leading to the bill.

The Garden City Conservation Society especially urges you both to consider an alternative way of implementing the current motion in the legislature if the MLAs agree in a non-partisan way. We suggest that you join together in leading a thorough touring consultation with stakeholders—including informed food consumers—around British Columbia.

So much interest has been generated by now that this would be a great time to harvest valuable input and take further a positive cycle of supportive concern for farmland, farm families and the farm produce that enables our food security.

With best wishes,
Jim Wright
President, Garden City Conservation Society,
based in Richmond and serving BC

Bcc: Garden City Conservation Society director
and the many Friends of Garden City


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