Welcome to our Annual Gathering!

Post-gathering update: Thank you to the 23 members who made the gathering such a wide-ranging event.

Michael WolfeSophika KostyniukWinnieHwo



Carol Day

The Garden City Conservation Society has a great Annual Gathering coming up on the evening of Wednesday, June 18. The interactive Sharon MacGouganJim Wrightpresenters, clockwise, are Michael Wolfe, Sophika Kostyniuk, Winnie Hwo, Carol Day, Jim Wright and Sharon MacGougan. Have a look at the attached invitation for the story.

One update to the story: We are delighted to add Winnie Hwo of the David Suzuki Foundation to the team. Winnie is expert in what could be called cross-cultural communication or ethnic engagement—bridging gaps for conservation action. That will now be a motif running through the evening.

The gatherings always go well. Typically there’s a feature presentation with lots of people joining in. This year it’s a set, with a sequence of interactive presentations beginning with an optional eco-tour.

We have a registration (sign-up) approach that makes things easy for you and the people taking care of food or setting up the venue, the Red Barn (shown at bottom). You’ll see that there are flexible ways to answer.

To register, you can go to the form now.

The annual gathering is for members of the society, which has a nominal annual membership fee, $10. Beyond that requirement, there is no charge for the gathering.

Also, you may wish to join or renew your membership. You can do that on the membership page or at the sign-in desk at the Annual Gathering. Membership is open to all who support the purposes of the society.

Once again, welcome! And please act now! The Red Barn, Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC


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