Greetings from Krishna

Garden City Conservation Society Director Krishna Sharma has been in Kathmandu for his youngest daughter’s wedding. In the photo below, we see Krishna and his wife and the bride and groom.

Krishna is a retired agriculture professor who continues to do research in Richmond. We would like to have him back with us for the Annual Gathering of the society, but it’s important to share him for a while with those who need him in Nepal. Along with the photo, I’d like to share Krishna’s recent email message.

Sharma wedding

I miss being with you, people who have enriched me in my commitment to nature conservation and eco-agriculture. At this time I am sharing my experience and inner realization with academies and NGOs in Nepal. I have been mentoring PhD students and an NGO called The Small Earth Nepal and helping them to write policy briefs to mitigate climate change through agriculture that improves food security. I will aim to contribute from here until I return to Richmond, and I salute you all for the continuing effort to save the Garden City Lands.
With warm regards,

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