FREE at our Salmon Festival booth

Update: As usual, the 2014 Steveston Salmon Festival went well. Thanks are due to the Steveston Community Society and Janice Froese, Executive Director of the festival. With the help of our colouring sheets, the wildlife of the Lulu Island Blog made many new friends, especially young ones, as shown in Carol Day’s photos. (Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.)

2014 Steveston Salmon Festival 32014 Steveston Salmon Festival 2Steveston Salmon Festival 2



Pick up copies of the “Friends in the Lulu Island Bog” colouring sheet at our booth at the Steveston Salmon Festival. It’s at Steveston Park on Canada Day on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The colouring sheets are just one of the items we’ll provide free as a community service to help everyone who wants to be informed. Coloured "Friends of the Lulu Island Bog" by Suzanna WrightThere will even be a few framed coloured illustrations. Note, though, that for those and for quantities of the colouring sheets such as class sets, it is on request from people who have the intent to use them for a particular need that is in keeping with the Garden City Conservation purposes.

Note: The coloured illustration shows wildlife in vivid colours that are related to actual colours that can occur in nature. However, since the illustration is a cartoon, kids (and adults) can feel free to use whatever colours they feel like. Either way, they can learn while having fun.

Our Garden City Conservation Society booth will be near the trees on the west side of Steveston Park, near No. 1 Road and the heritage tram. The park is on the north side of Moncton Street just west of the Steveston Community Centre. Looking forward to seeing you there! The Salmon Festival organizer has kindly provided this map of community booths at the 2014 Salmon Festival.

At the Salmon Festival, you can sign up as a Friend of Garden City at no charge if you support the Garden City Conservation purposes. (Note: If you are a Friend of Garden City who wants to go further and become a member of the society, you can do so at any time by way of the society’s membership page.)

You an also download a PDF of the colouring sheet and even the coloured version. This event announcement will remain on the blog after the event for that purpose.


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