Our Right to a Healthy Environment

Update: We’ve added an article above this that goes further on the topic.

The Garden City Conservation Society endorses the David Suzuki Foundation campaign to establish the Right to a Healthy Environment. The intent is to use Richmond as a model for the communities in the rest of Canada.

It all begins on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at the Britannia Shipyards. The Suzuki campaign is led by Sophika Kostyniuk, National Organizer. Sophika is also a Garden City Conservation member.

In addition, Michael Wolfe, is active in the campaign. Michael is one of our Garden City Conservation directors and a longtime conservation leader in Richmond. He is also a director of the Richmond Nature Park Society. Michael will be leading a “Bog Life” activity at the family event.

As the flyer below states, the event is from 1–3 p.m. As it implies, the event is kids-friendly.


Richmond_BlueDot Flyer_Page_2

There’s a two-minute video on the Right to a Healthy Environment page.

David Suzuki has taken that further in “We can make Canada’s reality match its image.”

From space, Earth is a blue dot, and the campaign features the Blue Dot Tour.

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