Ex ag minister nips at ag minister’s ankles

In my view, as I’ve said in other articles recently, the Ministry of Agriculture’s consultation about updating the ALR regulations is a step in the right direction.

Lana PophamHowever, when someone like MLA Lana Popham points out how the consultation could be better, that’s fair. She earned an attentive ear when she provided a lot of constructive criticism about Bill 24, the ALR bill that prompted the ministry to update the ALR regulations. She has a new column about the consultation in her local paper, the Saanich News.

MLA Pat PimmIn contrast, MLA Pat Pimm is no position to criticize. When I saw reports of him doing that in today’s Vancouver Sun, I sent off this brief letter to the editor:

Re “MLA slams Land Reserve overhaul,” Aug. 20.

B.C.’s agriculture minister, Norm Letnick, has consulted widely about proposed updates to the ALR regulations to help farmers. Former agriculture minister Pat Pimm, with mines minister Bill Bennett, consulted some buddies about Bill 24, which reduced ALR farmland protection and the independence of the ALR tribunal. That’s quite a contrast. If Pimm now believes in real consultation, he should support his colleague.


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