The Blue Dot Tour starts soon

Update, Sept. 17: The Blue Dot project will seek council endorsement for the Right to a Healthy Environment at the Richmond Parks Committee on Wed., Sept. 24, at 4 p.m. in the Anderson Room of Richmond City Hall.

David Suzuki Blue Dot TourDavid Suzuki will soon begin the Blue Dot Tour across Canada. It celebrates a simple yet powerful idea:

That all Canadians
should have the right
to drink clean water,
breathe fresh air
and eat healthy food.

We’re a country where amazing things can happen. We’re a place were a small-town minister can build a universal health-care system. Where five women from the prairies can change the lives of women forever by helping guarantee their right to vote. Canadians stand up for what they believe in.

Once again, it’s time for our highest values to be reflected in our highest laws. And as always, this kind of change comes from a movement of Canadians committed to protecting the people and places they love.

Blue-Dot-TourThe Garden City Conservation Soccity has endorsed the right to a healthy environment, which is described above in red type. In fact, we helped the campaign get started.

The Blue Dot Tour video is here.

The information is from the David Suzuki Foundation.


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