95% support ALR in new B.C. poll

BC-agrifood-2014The BC Food Systems Network (BCFSN) has announced the results of a BC public opinion poll that shows strong support for local farmland.

This poll was commissioned in the  belief that the changes proposed under Bill 24 to dismantle the Agriculture Land Reserve would not be supported widely in BC. BCFSN thanked the Real Estate Foundation and Vancouver Foundation, “who got behind this initiative.”

Some of the results:

95% of respondents say the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) should be preserved for green space and growing food

76% either agree or strongly agree that the ALR is important, not only for protecting farms, but also for protecting valleys and green space needed for wildlife habitat and recreational enjoyment.

80% are concerned about dependence on other countries for our food security

73% say the ALR is a cornerstone of food security and the BC economy.

When asked what priority uses for land in British Columbia were, respondents identified “natural freshwater systems” (83%), closely followed by “farming and growing food” (81%).

If you wish to read further, there’s a press release and the full report, BC Public Attitudes Toward Agriculture and Food 2014.


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