You’re invited — VAPOR, Wednesday, Oct 1

Here’s an invitation from VAPOR, still fighting to ensure that any expansion of jet fuel supplies to YVR occurs in environmentally better ways.

Buck & Ear sign, StevestonYou’re invited to a VAPOR fundraiser. It’s in support of legal action to stop the shipment of jet fuel on the Fraser River.

Enjoy a burger & beer* and good company at the Buck & Ear Bar & Grill. It’s at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

The Buck & Ear is located at the Steveston Hotel, 12111 Third Ave, between Chatham and Moncton streets. There is free parking next to the restaurant and lots of space to park bicycles.

The price is $25. That includes tax (but not tips). Much of the proceeds will go to the legal action fund.**

Please book early. Email VAPOR’s event organizer.

You can also mail a donation to VAPOR at 11631 Seahurst Road, Richmond, B.C. V7A 4K1. Online, you can click on the Donate button on the VAPOR site. (The button is at the bottom of the black menu on the left side.)

The VAPOR court date to contest the problem plan is approaching.



* “Burger” = cheeseburger or veggie burger, with choice of chips or salad. “Beer” can be a small wine instead.

** From the $25, VAPOR will receive $16.50 for the legal action fund.

This blog also includes a set of articles on the YVR fuel topic.


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