Have your say in Society Act consultation

Update, March 26, 2015: The B.C. government has listened! The revised Society Act incorporates our request by removing the serious problem that we helped to identify. For details, see the West Coast Environmental Law Analysis here, and then please write to the minister, the opposition critic and your MLA here.


“Proposed BC Societies Act could invite litigation against non-profits.” That title for a West Coast Environmental Law environmental alert captures the essence of a problem.

uneven-scaleThe key proposal is highly relevant to societies like the Garden City Conservation Society that sometimes have to take on powerful entities. With the inequality in resources and the low standard for taking legal action, it is inevitable that the powerful would use the weapon that the government is proposing to hand them.

Lawyer Andrew Gage’s legal analysis is insightful about the proposed new Society Act. In addition, the article provides an efficient means to send an email response. Have a look at it!

The Society White Paper Consultation is introduced on the Ministry of Finance site, with a link to the white paper, which highlights the proposed changes. The site alos indicates how to respond. Be sure to act before the deadline, Wednesday, October 15.

Please also consider singing the petition started by Bertrand Lau, who deserves support for making the effort.

As it happens, by the way, I was quoted on this topic in a Tyee article, Sep 29, 2014.


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