A step to contain aquaculture

Lusha Zhou has reminded us to respond to proposed federal regulations about aquaculture by Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Lusha, 23, is a Friend of Garden City who is currently doing MA studies at the University of Toronto. Here’s Lusha:

Lusha ZhouThe proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations have a lot of terms like “deposit” and “control” in order to make it easier for the aquaculture industry to harvest their kill. This jargon really translates to dumping chemicals into waterways. Why not practice in sustainable methods?

We will be healthier if the fish we consume have less chemicals from the waters they live in. May I also remind Stephen Harper that Canada’s motto is A Mari Usque Ad Mare, and shame on him for not protecting our geography from sea to sea.

If you do not like paying taxes to a government that irresponsibly deregulates its industries, please write to Fisheries and Oceans Canada by October 22.

Email: fpptr-rtppp@dfo-mpo.gc.ca. Fax: 613-993-8607.
Mail: Ed Porter, Manager, Aquaculture Policy and Regulatory Initiatives, 200 Kent Street, Room 8N187, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E6.

Thanks for sharing that, Lusha!


The Garden City Conservation Society sent this letter. It draws on the analytical letter by lawyer Anna Johnston of West Coast Environmental Law.


To keep up to date on B.C. aquaculture issues, read Alexandra Morton’s blog.


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