Richmond council shades of green

Canuck-fan green menB.C.’s local elections are officially on Saturday, November 15. This is a period when candidates turn greener. (And we thank the Canuck-fan green men for illustrating.)

In Richmond, being green is genuinely at least a side of who they are. That was evident recently in their support of the right to a healthy environment.

But we also know that some current members of the Richmond council have not acted in keeping with what they said in a straightforward survey before the last election in 2011.

It was conducted by a Garden City Conservation Society director, and it asked this question:

Are you committed to stewarding the Garden City Lands in the ALR for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community benefit?

All the elected council members who are running again in 2014 answered “Yes.” That was even after some sought clarification and were told, for instance, that we do not consider playing fields for organized sports to be an ALR use (since they aren’t).

On the basis of how some of them later acted, their “Yes” answer was misleading. It is evident that some were later supportive of contra-ALR use. As I have described in other articles, I consider that to be a major factor in the lack of progress in stewarding the Garden City Lands.

There are six councillors who are running again in the 2014 Richmond council elections. From the standpoint of the Garden City Lands and other conservation issues, none has a perfect record. However, two have good records. They are Harold Steves and Chak Au.

Harold StevesChak-Au 2In my view, they also stand out in overall performance. Speaking only for myself, I can say that I will be happy to vote for Harold and Chak again.


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