Wolfe and Day have proven themselves

Two directors of the Garden City Conservation Society—Carol Day and Michael Wolfe—are candidates for councillor in the 2014 Richmond council election, officially on Saturday, Nov. 15.

The society never endorses candidates. However, with quite a bit of care, I as an individual can express personal appreciation for Carol and Michael.

Michael Wolfe and Carol Day

Personally, I believe that both Michael Wolfe and Carol Day have prepared themselves to be highly capable councillors. I agree with them that they have worked hard and well for the environment and neighbourhoods.

As a human resources maxim puts it, “Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.” For many years Michael and Carol have been doing what they say they’ll do, so we can be confident they will come through for the community.

Frequently for several years, Michael has presented insights at council meetings. He is typically better prepared on the issues than the council members who are being paid for it.

Carol also presents well-prepared explanations of the various issues she champions. One such presentation in late 2008 was extremely important for the MaClennan Area, and it was also very significant for the Garden City Lands. The subject matter was largely beyond my expertise, but I believe that the 10-point persuasive analysis was as good as possible. It’s here on the blog.

On development issues, we need balance, but for years the advantage has gone to what Michael calls “big rezone-developers,” not the people of Richmond. Following the developers’ plans, staff often recommends rezoning worth millions of dollars, and council goes through the motions to approve it. I react when there’s a major conservation loss, but the situation is more widespread. We deserve councillors who examine each project on its merits, and Michael and Carol fit that need.

Seven years ago, when stopping Mayor Brodie’s deal for dense development of the Garden City Lands seemed impossible, Michael Wolfe and Carol Day were two of the community leaders who came together with others as the Garden City Lands Coalition. After huge volunteer efforts, the coalition succeeded against all odds. When the coalition broadened its aims as the Garden City Conservation Society, they remained just as active.

Michael Wolfe and Carol Day are running as a two-person team with shared higher values and shared positions on some key issues. They can be several times as effective together as either of them could be in isolation. For conservation and community wellness, I am hoping that they will be elected.


Note: From a conservation standpoint, it seems obvious to favour those two candidates along with incumbent councillors Harold Steves and Chak Au.

Fortunately, there are many other candidates who have acted in positive ways that the Garden City Conservation Society has been acknowledging and will continue to acknowledge.

I personally am still narrowing down and confirming my sense of which councillor candidates would best complement the core four. I anticipate that I will share that in one way or another, probably in a week or so since there is no need to rush. In any case, I will aim to be as clear as possible that it is an individual view.

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    Olga Says:

    I completely agree with this post and will support Carol and Michael as well as they are very consistent in their believes and actions.
    We have already witnessed that some politicians change their colors as the times goes – start from brightly green and then fluctuate to all types of colors supporting businesses “wants” instead of citizens “needs”. May be eating the shark fins soup does it to a person?

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