Richmond trustee candidates know the Lands

For the past few years, Richmond school trustees have been taking part in eco-tours of the Garden City Lands, no doubt partly for their own interest but also because they realize various kinds of educational potential from the lands, our central park. Some of those trustees have move on, and some are among the seven 2014 candidates for school trustee who have participate in one or more of the tours. Here they are, with the names below the set of photos.

Note: For a larger version of the set of photos, double-click on it.

2014 Richmond School Board candidates who have taken part in Garden City Lands eco-tours

Richmond’s 2014 candidates for School Trustee who have taken part in Garden City Lands eco-tours. Top row: Sandra Nixon, Trustee Dr. Norm Goldstein, Michael Starchuk. Bottom row: Alice S. Wong, Trustee Dr. Eric Yung, Jonathan Ho, Trustee Rod Belezza.


These participants range from one who unfortunately had to leave after fifteen minutes (Jonathon Ho) to ones who have been on two or three tours (Michael Starchuk and Norm Goldstein). I know that Norm and Eric Yung have each put considerable thought into school district uses of the Garden City Lands, but I’m not in a position to know how deeply the others have. In any case, it is reasonable to assume that they are all better able to think about the Lands in an informed way.


With candidates like these, no wonder we have good schools!


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