Unless there’s a better Wei, should Brodie or Lee be mayor?

This is just my personal view of Malcolm Brodie vs Richard Lee in the 2014 Richmond election for mayor.

Malcolm Brodie and Richard Lee in 2014 Richmond election debate for candidates for mayor

As mayor, Malcolm Brodie has a mixed record on conservation. Candidate Richard Lee talks a better conservation game and seems to mean it. The third candidate, Cliff Wei, seems like a good person but probably not a contender to win.

I am impressed that Richard Lee has taken part in eco-tours of the Garden City Lands. In all likelihood that puts him in the position of best knowledge on that issue, which is important because of the lack of stewarding of the lands, our central park, for the past few years.

Malcolm Brodie and Richard Lee would have different strengths as mayor, and I was very interested to read about their TV debate and to watch it. After watching, I was more confident about Richard Lee because of his courage and less confident about Malcolm Brodie after seeing him slip away at the end when the other two candidates were acting respectfully. (The etiquette at the end of a TV debate is well established, and a long-time politician would surely know it.)

In other words, the mayoral election has become a bit of a contest, less one-sided than usual. I recommend that you read and watch for yourself. It will take about 45 minutes in total, but it will help enable you to make an informed decision between Malcolm Brodie and Richard Lee and also Cliff Wei, since he’s prominent in the video too.

You’ll find the video within Graeme Wood’s online Richmond News article with a rather long title: “Brodie refuses to shake Lee’s hand after debate: Visibly upset mayor walked off Shaw stage after live TV tussle with rival Richard Lee.” The illustration with this article is from Graeme Wood’s article too.


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  1. 1
    Howard Jampolsky Says:

    Anyone who thinks Richard Lee is the least bit qualified to be Mayor should give their head a serious shake.

    Richard Lee never answers questions, and has overstated his resume. He has never been to a City Council meeting, yet seems to think he can lead could council. He has flip-flopped on many important and key issues, and has done little else other than attack Mayor Brodie.

    Richard Lee wants to reduce taxes and increase services. That math simply doesn’t work.

    Richard Lee has lived all over the Province. He was a councillor in the mid-1980’s in Merit, and a school trustee in Burnaby 2005-2008. Never re-elected to anything.

    Richard Lee is a little man with complex who is a desperate office-seeker, and will say whatever he thinks the audience wants to hear.

    He would be an embarrassment to the entire community if he were elected… to anything.

    There are many people in this community who are qualified to be Mayor. Richard Lee is not one of them.

    • 2
      Jbw Says:


      Lee wants to run a mini china. Many of his answers in the debate started with “in Hong Kong” or in “China.”

      He thinks it’s possible to axe property tax? Really? For what reason? So that the offshore millionaires can reap even more rewards?

      On safer streets his answer is high resolution cameras… Can you say “China”

      And on the signage language debate, a simple “it’s not a good thing”

      Richard Lee get a clue, we don’t want to do things the way China does here.

      Unfortunately Malcolm is getting pretty sloppy. In my opinion had he tackledthe sign debate right away he’d still be golden for re-election.

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