Dealing with dumping on B.C./Richmond ALR

alr_dump 2
Today’s Glenda Luymes’ article about dumping on the ALR informs a wider audience about the widespread problem.

The Garden City Conservation Society addressed it at the end of our three-page submission to the ALR Regulation Consultation in August 2014.

We wrote:


Near the end of the Province article, the Ministry of Agriculture indicates that increased funding in 2011 allowed the ALC to “increase enforcement.” However, that funding only partially offset years of decreased funding. To begin to address the rampant dumping, the ministry needs to keep working with the ALC toward efficiency, in contrast to the legislated inefficiency in Bill 24, the bill to kill the ALR that was passed in May.

In addition, funding for ALR enforcement continues to be needed. The ministry did well with its consultation this summer, and it needs to keep up the good work by acting on what it was told about, including the rampant dumping that Garden City Conservation brought to their attention.

I was just about to post this when it occurred to me to mention how to get action in Richmond: In my personal view, the way is to elect a set of councillors like the ones I suggested in a recent article.

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