Invermere, teaming up with nature — and us

David Zehnder of the Groundswell Network, Invermere

CGH-dale-drawing-150x150Congratulations to David Zehnder, a Friend of Garden City. He is a rancher and Environmental Farm Planner who helped establish the Invermere Community Greenhouse in the mountains of eastern B.C.

Heating Your Glasshouse photo, Invermere, British Columbia

Geoff-LawtonThat wonderful Groundswell Network greenhouse project has now been featured by Geoff Lawton, the super-effective Australian permaculture expert who combines evangelical fervor with down-to-earth sense in an expanding mission to enable the world to survive the coming crises.

Lawton calls the video episode “Heating Your Glasshouse.” You’ll notice how the project is especially suited to its location but imitable in any location in British Columbia and beyond.

It is, for example, adaptable to Richmond, the base of the Garden City Conservation Society, and we could particularly take the educational aspect to a world-serving level—as a success in itself that is shareable as a model, much like the Invermere Community Greenhouse.


Note: To access linked videos on Geoff Lawton’s blog, you may be prompted to take a step in which you provide your email address.


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    April Says:

    Alberta also has a battery climate geodesic dome greenhouse, first in Alberta, at the Lacombe high school. If Richmond is serious about this, you should contact the young man responsible for organizing it. I can send you his contact info. Alberta is taking the lead on these projects as we see the future and it appears we may be growing food for California and BC soon! April Reeves: aprilreeves 17 at gmail dot com.

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