Am I cut out to be a GCCS director?

Becoming a director

If you have any interest in being a director of the Garden City Conservation Society in the coming year, act now. As a first step, read this article, which answers typical questions from potential directors.

When are directors elected?

The Annual Gathering of the Garden City Conservation Society always includes a brief AGM (annual general meeting), which elects the board of directors. The 2015 date is not yet set, but the gathering is normally in the third week of June.

How is the society connected to the Garden City Lands Coalition?

In June 2012, the Garden City Lands Coalition Society evolved into the Garden City Conservation Society. Along with the name, the three purposes of the society were carefully updated to decrease the emphasis on the Garden City Lands and increase the emphasis on stewarding other natural legacies of the Garden City.

What knowledge and interests should directors have?

We want directors with an interest in conserving Richmond’s natural legacies, including (a) our farmland and (b) all the other land and water that is part of our ecological heritage.

We still need every director to have an experiential sense of the Garden City Lands, which one can pick up on an eco-tour.

We also need every director to take an interest in the various matters that come up during a year that have a conservation aspect.

What are directors expected to do?

It is expected that all directors will participate in the annual gathering in June (including the brief AGM), about half a dozen other directors meetings in the year, and an online forum (the directors’ Google group). It helps a lot if directors also take a particular interest in some issues and do some proactive work on those issues.

Some directors also serve as officers: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary.

How long is the commitment?

Election is for the one-year period until the next annual gathering (and AGM). From there, directors are completely free to offer to continue for another year or not. (Technically they have to be elected at the AGM each year, but in reality the election has always been by acclamation.)

How are the officers elected?

Some directors take on officer roles as president, vice president, secretary or treasurer. That election of officers occurs separately from the AGM in a brief directors meeting right after the annual gathering. We typically come to a consensus before confirming the nominees with a vote.

If I’m interested, what is the practical reason for acting soon?

Taking part to some extent at this time will give you a sense of what you may be taking on. You may be invited to a directors meeting and be advised to go on the next Garden City Lands eco-tour and do some suggested reading.

Who do I contact?

Contact the current directors.


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