Finding the way to vote in transit plebiscite

For the plebiscite for better transit, the Elections BC site in the Richmond Centre mall is useful for voters—if one can find it. I couldn’t until I asked the way. A map would help, so I’ve adapted one.

To Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite office in Richmond Centre

The plebiscite office is near the main entrance in the middle of the Minoru Boulevard side. It’s also near the escalator to the dining terrace, shown above with an olive swoosh. Either way, you’ll spot the Orange Julius corner, and the plebiscite office is just down the aisle from it.

Until Friday, May 29, one can vote there. Until Friday, May 15, one can register and get a ballot there too. Every day except Sundays, it’s open during Richmond Centre mall hours, but voting ends at 8 pm on May 29.

As well, can help. Another good online source is the concise form of the mayors’ transit plan.

One may wonder what’s best for a healthy environment. The Garden City Conservation directors thought it through and arrived at “Yes.” The mayors’ plan would combat air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and loss of green space to pavement.

Of course, the Ministry of Transportation weakened the mayors’ clear ballot question and has not governed Translink well. While hampered like that, the mayors have bolstered their plan with the Jimmy Pattison panel for accountability. By giving the mayors the support they deserve, we get a better chance for the better future we deserve.

I’ve just shared two maps with you—one with a graphic and one as words alone. They are two aspects of enabling informed action in the plebiscite. Empowering informed choice is a constant Garden City Conservation aim. Now and always, we hope it helps.


For a more detailed analysis, scroll down to “Getting past the clutter to get to YES.”


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