Engaging in wonder on the Garden City Lands

Kiersten, Michael, Elena, Liam and Leah on May 2015 Garden City Lands eco-tourGarden City Conservation eco-tours can be times to depart from worldly cares and live in wonder. On the eco-tour of the Garden City Lands last Saturday afternoon, photos  by Dr. Mike Bomford of Kwantlen University’s Sustainable Agriculture Program captured that, as experienced by tour guide Michael Wolfe and the other twelve participants.

At left, Michael has found a bog insect that fascinates Kiersten Moore (red top), her children Elena and Liam, and her friend Leah (blue-grey top)— just arrived to visit from New York. Mike Bomford is Kiersten’s husband and the children’s dad.

Margery, Michael and Liam on May 2015 Garden City Lands eco-tour

At right, Michael engages in wonder with Margery (lime jacket), who is one of Michael’s fellow directors of the Richmond Nature Park Society, and Liam (blue sneakers).

Every Garden City Conservation tour brings out something new. On this tour, Liam dug into the boggy ground to bring out a metre-long wire. It is a remnant of the Coast Guard towers that used to dot the Lands, and it’s a reminder of the care needed when working there.

hardback flowersOther participants found half a dozen hardhack shoots coming up through a small patch of overly dry sphagnum moss. As shown at left, hardhack is attractive enough, but it would be essentially a weed in the sphagnum bog restoration that is envisioned.

Although there is a lot of hardhack to the west, this is the first time we’ve found it growing through sphagnum in the eastern area where bog restoration is planned. The new-found bit of hardhack could become a larger problem if it goes to seed and then spreads via the seeds as well as via its rhizomes below the ground. It needs to be removed ASAP, and I brought it to the attention of the relevant general manager, Dave Semple, when I happened to see him a few days later.


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