KISS Guide to LNG on the Fraser

KISS = Keep It Simple. Succeed!

Keep It Simple — Succeed

The huge LNG expansion at Tilbury Island, Delta, could be either benign or disastrous, especially with shipping down the South Arm past Richmond. You can take steps to know whether to act and how to make a difference.


Best starting point?

Go to On the right side of the window, look over the simplest way to send comments to the environmental assessment about Fraser River LNG. On the left side, read the first paragraph and the numbered headings.


Best intro to concerns?

View the Steveston presentation by Eoin Finn, PhD (Physical Chemistry). He is clear and articulate, and he is acting to serve the community. Notice that he is saying that the worst outcomes would be devastating but rare, though more likely than in the U.S. because of lower safety standards than American ones.

Best immersion in the concerns and practical action?

Come to the LNG forum at the Library, Richmond Cultural Centre. It’s at 7 pm on Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015.

Location of Richmond Library at Richmond Cultural Centre

Along with Eoin Finn, results-oriented Fraser activist Kevin Washbrook will fill you in and answer questions. Washbrook is another environmental activist who is committed to values, not personal economic gain, and his practical approach makes his idealism effective.

Blacktop parking and the two-level parkade are ample, but arrive early for a good seat (or perhaps for a seat at all). There’s access from both Minoru Blvd and Granville Ave.

Here’s how the Wilderness Committee promotes the two-hour event.


Follow-up for results?

Go back to and send input to the Environmental Assessment by the end of Monday, December 21. Then stay tuned with and Garden City Conservation.


The details: How do LNG proponents respond?

Proponent public relations person Brent Stafford of Shaky Egg rebuts in his LNG Fear Mongering video. It is an attack ad in infomercial form. As the text into puts it, “Opponents are braying. . . .” Since braying is the sound of donkeys, Stafford is saying the opponents are donkeys in order to make his case. He then characterizes them in the video as “wealthy and privileged,” which presumably makes them spoiled-brat donkeys.

Like Eoin Finn, Stafford brings in Sandia National Labs for support and actually makes Finn’s point: Stafford uses a Sandia statement that LNG tankers are safe with U.S. precautions, and Finn says that the lack of U.S.-level precautions on the Fraser is a reason that LNG tankers are unsafe there.

At the Environmental Assessment Office open house at Riverport on December 3, I spoke to many of the proponents’ advocates, who far outnumbered the public at the poorly advertised event. They said that Eoin Finn’s PhD wasn’t really in chemistry (because it’s in physical chemistry?) and that his views weren’t correct.

They weren’t able to tell me the capacity of an LNG tanker. Perhaps that’s because the ones they had to include in the plans would not have the capacity (at least 60,000 tons) they want to dredge for after getting rid of the Massey Tunnel.

They also weren’t able to give me any idea how much electricity the Tilbury plant would require. Perhaps that’s because it would be impossible without generating far more power, which gets into questions like whether they’re relying on flooding the Peace Valley to enable Site C dam power.


Any final thoughts?

I have noticed that Eoin Finn occasionally uses expressions with connotations that go too far. He doesn’t need to do that to make his case. Although he detracts from his own case in that way, the effect is only to weaken the case, not defeat it.

Personally I think it’s extremely important for the Environmental Assessment Office to consult thoroughly with Eoin Finn and also Kevin Washbrook, and my comments will strongly advocate that they do so.

For the Environmental Assessment Office details, go to their EAO projects page and do a search for “Wespac”.

Go to the Sandia National Labs site for an example of Sandia comments about LNG.

See you before 7 pm on Wednesday, Dec 16!


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