New president of Garden City Conservation

Sharon MacGouganAll going well, Sharon MacGougan will succeed Jim Wright as president of the Garden City Conservation Society on June 23, 2016. Sharon has been vice president for the past two years.

No stranger to leadership, Sharon is a former local president of Amnesty International and then president of Amnesty International Canada.

A career band teacher, Sharon is the published author of two books about teaching music, and she went on to publish a novel, The Mayan Mysteries. She is actually dressed for promoting that book in the photo at right.

Sharon also teaches kung fu and (not necessarily related) was the president of a local non-partisan group, Team Richmond, that helped elect candidates in Richmond elections.

Sharon likes to work with the City of Richmond in implementing its excellent Ecological Network Management Strategy, which can be thought of as an approach to restoring the Garden City. She was pleased with the response to her Earth Day 2016 letter to the City (delivered on behalf of  Garden City Conservation) on that topic.

Sharon is currently also active in Save Richmond Trees. That is in keeping with her personal commitment to saving trees and bird habitat and her ongoing related efforts with Garden City Conservation.

At the Annual Gathering on Thursday, June 23, 2016, Sharon will lead a half-hour discussion to bring out the directions that are important to members. That could well include trees, but it’s up to the members.

If you support the Garden City Conservation purposes and wish to take part in the Annual Gathering, please respond with this innovative RSVP form.


Note: Scroll up for a newer and more thorough article about Sharon MacGougan as the new president of the Garden City Conservation Society.


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