Visit Site C via video with Emma Gilchrist

The Site C dam site is far from the Fraser Estuary, but it’s worth keeping close in our thoughts. Before we get into the state of the challenge, let’s make a quick detour to Site C, if only to grasp how distant it is in a way and then how close it deserves to be in what we care about.

Here (below) is the Google Map. It shows a route from Roberts Bank in the estuary to Site C on the Peace River, 1200 kilometres away. Let’s say one travels for seven hours a day. Can you guess how long it takes to get there?

From Roberts Bank in the Fraser River Estuary to Site C on the Peace River

Right! Cycling, 10 days. Driving, 2 days. Walking, 5 weeks.

By video, seconds. You’re almost there!

emma-gilchrist-at-site-cRichmond’s Coun. Harold Steves has reminded us that our fellow British Columbians in the Peace Valley are standing up for agricultural, ecological and human values there as strongly as ever. He said to watch Cutting the Spin about the Site C Dam. Five minutes well spent!

Site C on the Peace River, BCThe video features Emma Gilchrist, executive director of DeSmog Canada. Today she added another Site C video, turning phoney polling by the BC government on its head.

Reach it from the article “70% of British Columbians Support Pausing Site C Dam Construction, New Poll Finds.” Only three minutes—well spent!


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