Announcing “Let the Fraser Live!”

Fraser Voices is sharing
Let the Fraser Live

It is a revealing look at government-allowed incursions on the Fraser River Estuary that are simply killing it. It ends with some solutions.

I have introduced it with “Gambling with Jokers for the Estuary” (below). You can read that or go straight to Let the Fraser Live

It is an exposé with a positive intent, as expressed in the subtitle: “A plea to governments destroying the Lower Fraser river and Estuary.”


Gambling with Jokers for the Estuary

Fraser River Estuary

The struggle over the ecological Life or Death of the Fraser Estuary is like a Wild West card game with a treasure on the line. It’s fitting that the form of a just-released exposé,Let the Fraser Live resembles a deck of cards.

There are 54 cards, not the common 52, because there are Jokers to deal with. That makes the risks and opportunities even wilder.

Of course, it’s our treasure that governments and a power-wielding crown corporation could gamble away. We mild citizens don’t usually go in for gambling, but we’re most likely to lose the treasure if we sit in the shadows and don’t take part.

Fortunately, we get a much better chance to be on the winning side if we quickly study the cardsTo start, click on the word cards at any time. (And maybe save the “cards” PDF to your computer while you’re at it.)

LNG TankerTip: Reading the dozen questions that follow is an option that will likely help you to focus on the cards, if you so choose.

  1. How wide is the swath of Delta and Richmond that might be hit by the rare but explosive effects of an LNG tanker accident in the Fraser ship channel?
  1. OrcaWhat marine life is affected by tankers passing through the Fraser Estuary and Salish Sea?
  1. Why should there have been an environmental assessment about the project to ship up to eight million tonnes a year of U.S. thermal coal through that route?
  1. fox in henhouseWhy are approval processes for risky projects in the Fraser Estuary being likened to putting the fox in charge of the henhouse?
  1. Why do governments and vested interests want to destruct the George Massey Tunnel, which should be good for another 50 years or more?
  1. What did Albert Einstein say that’s worth heeding in this context?einstein
  1. Should we feel sorry for Marc Garneau, who feels powerlessness when confronted by Port Metro Vancouver, which is within his responsibilities as Minister of Transport?
  1. Does Port Metro Vancouver have too much power?
  1. healthy-foodHow does Port CEO Robin Silvester valuing of food security compare with yours?
  1. In view of the Deltaport record in meeting past business projections, is it worth dumping an island of fill into the estuary to double the container capacity?
  1. What else could the Trudeau Government do to deliver on its promise to restore and improve environmental legislation?
  1. Justin Trudeau balancing a baby on one hand. Vancouver Sun photo.What’s a simple way for citizens to have a voice in this?

With you taking part, is there Life or Death for the Fraser Estuary in the cards?

It’s a gamble that should never be happening, but at least you’re making the odds better.


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