Celebrate BC’s wild salmon on BC flag!

Celebrate Wild Salmon

Among our many blessings in British Columbia, we have an amazing diversity of wildlife. It calls us to rejoice and be thankful.

In that spirit, the image celebrates our wild Pacific salmon—in a size that represents its ecological and cultural significance for First Peoples and all British Columbians, along with our Cascadian neighbours.

Salmon connect ocean and river, land and sea. Our salmon’s wellbeing matters very much for the plants and animals in their ecosystems and for the people who rely on salmon for sustenance, livelihood and cultural relevance. Likewise, we all affect the wellbeing of our wild Pacific salmon every day, for better or worse.

Our salmon is a natural symbol of British Columbia. Since the BC flag is outdated, the image could grace a new flag that prompts our citizens to take action to honour and sustain our wild Pacific salmon.

Image/text copyright © 2019 Suzanna Wright

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    Sharon MacGougan Says:

    Beautiful image by Suzanna and good idea!

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