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Consultation is limiting Bill 24 harm to ALR

August 11, 2014

Good work, Norm Letnick! After Bill 24, the ALR bill, was passed this spring, he began broad consultation to update the ALR Regulation, which fleshes out the Agricultural Land Commission Act. Letnick is our agriculture minister, and his process has been fair, thorough and productive. Of course many thousands of farmers, ranchers and food eaters […]

Bill 24 passed and the Agricultural Land Commission

May 29, 2014

Bill 24 passed in the B.C. legislature at around 5:40 p.m. today. Things will be much better because the people of B.C. became engaged on behalf of the Agricultural Land Commission and ALR. Now the government will be watched every step of the way. Even this low point for British Columbia has a silver lining. In […]

Premier, Letnick and MLAs get deluge of email against Bill 24

May 24, 2014

Statistics from West Coast Environmental Law’s “Hands off our food security” reveal an onslaught of emails from opponents of Bill 24 who want at least a pause for the public consultation that was promised and then reneged on. The “Hands off our food security” response aid makes it easier to send emails so people with […]

Bill 24, Lingyen and regional commissions

May 22, 2014

“Agricultural Land Commission needs more funding, not more headaches.” That’s the title of the May 21 Richmond Review editorial, and it’s right on. If passed, Bill 24 will cause headaches and worse. We know that from Richmond’s Ling Yen Mountain Temple experience. Bill 24 would impose again a tried-and-failed practice that was foisted on the […]

Coping with spin about Bill 24

May 22, 2014

A friend of Garden City who had written to government MLA John Yap to oppose Bill 24 got back his standard message. It is a slick message with the basic shortcomings that (a) Bill 24 is wrecking ball hitting the more modern steps that the Agricultural Land Commission was taking (b) the panel provisions forces […]

Bill 24 could respect food like water

May 19, 2014

The standard for any updated Agricultural Land Commission Act to meet and exceed has been set by British Columbia’s water act in its new form as the Water Sustainability Act. That is confirmed by Oliver Brandes as an independent expert with the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance. I recommend his opinion piece, “Is BC really […]

Mark Hume sees through Bill 24

May 19, 2014

    Mark Hume’s latest column in the Globe and Mail makes a core point about Bill 24 in the heading: “Despite being at ‘peak farm,’ land is getting less protection.”   So does the conclusion: “the Liberals should withdraw it, and return to the policy they held in the election campaign.”

Still a need to consult on Bill 24

May 18, 2014

A quick review: There’s a narrow window now for the BC government to seek consultation on Bill 24, the bill to kill the ALR. That’s because the BC legislature is discussing a motion to enable wide consultation. The bill would be referred to a committee that tours B.C., listening to witnesses. This means there’s a narrow […]

Last try for Bill 24 consultation

May 16, 2014

The best chance to act on Bill 24, the bill to kill British Columbia’s ALR, is now. If you just want to act immediately, take this action first: Go to West Coast Environmental Law’s page titled “Tell the BC Government: Hands off our food security!“ Scroll down to the online form. Complete and send it. Note: When completing […]

No to Bill 24 – Yes to Strengthening the ALR

May 6, 2014

I’ve been forwarded some great letters to Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture, about Bill 24, the bill to kill the ALR. Now, letters especially need to be sent to opposition MLA Lana Popham, who will arrange for them to be read in the Bill 24 debate, but you could include both. Their addresses are  […]

Replace Bill 24 with the plan it mocks

May 2, 2014

Richmond council came down solidly against the bill to kill the ALR, as discussed in  “Bill 24 opens up ‘major development’ in ALR” in the Richmond Review. That article covers some of the problems with Bill 24, but there are other problem aspects. I’m saying that Bill 24 is vile beyond the dwindled protection of our […]

See what Bill 24 is and erase phoney messaging

April 23, 2014

Re: Farm group reverses support for ALR bill, April 22* B.C. Agriculture Council chair Stan Vander Waal (right) says the Agricultural Land Reserve bill is not what they were led to expect. The public have been misled too. Media reports of the ALR bill keep drawing on government messaging with the key phrase “protect farmland.” […]

Bill 24 is rotten to the core

April 18, 2014

Update, April 23: The heading of a Sun article says a lot: “Minister promises B.C.-wide consultation before ALR changes: Bill could be changed or withdrawn, Norm Letnick says after daylong meeting with farmers’ group:” Update, April 21: I have just highlighted one paragraph below by means of red type. It is the crucial effect of Bill […]

Bullock on speculation, farming and the ALC

August 11, 2015

Richard Bullock, the former chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, has never seemed fond of the spotlight, and he literally didn’t get a spotlight (or much lighting at all) when he spoke on the Richmond campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University recently. As the photos show, the hall’s attention was directed to the future of agriculture and […]

Leonard 1, Langford 0, but “It ain’t over. . . .”

July 5, 2015

Frank Leonard, as the newish chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, has handled an early challenge well. Langford tried to negotiate a way for owners of Agricultural Land Reserve properties to buy exclusions from the ALR, which is a provincial land-use zone, although they wouldn’t actually pay the province. The property owners buying exclusions would […]

2015 ALR regulations reflect Letnick’s consultation

June 23, 2015

In the intra-cabinet struggle over B.C.’s Agricultural Land Reserve, pro-ALR Norm Letnick, the agriculture minister, has managed to shake off the B.C. cabinet’s anti-ALR faction. That’s evident in the 2015 ALR regulations that are finally public, although it’s too bad he had to terminate ALC Chair Richard Bullock in the bargain. Previously, in the “Bill 24” section of this […]

Encore: The bill to kill the ALR

May 18, 2015

In April 2014, this article appeared as one of my “Digging Deep” columns in the Richmond Review, in print and online. Because the Review is now in a different newspaper chain, the online version is gone. I’m therefore belatedly publishing it here for everyone’s reference, exactly as it appeared then. Be aware that all the […]

Something’s fishy—”New chair appointed to Agricultural Land Commission”

May 14, 2015

Update: Listen to Richard Bullock’s comments on the future of the ALR in his CBC Daybreak Kelowna interview. As the now-former Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission puts it, “They screwed this organization badly.” Over 1,250 people have now signed the virtual Thank You Richard Bullock card. Excellent! To see the version of the card sent to […]

New agri-food committee would best be unpartisan

January 23, 2015

Update, March 13, 2015: The committee will hear submissions and respond to them at Williams Lake in the afternoon and evening of April 8, 2015. Good step! Update, Jan 29, 2015: “Independent MLA joins Opposition Standing Committee on Agriculture and Food,” says the headline of a media release, referring to MLA Vicki Huntington (left). It’s also what we suggested […]

Dealing with dumping on B.C./Richmond ALR

November 4, 2014

Today’s Glenda Luymes’ article about dumping on the ALR informs a wider audience about the widespread problem. The Garden City Conservation Society addressed it at the end of our three-page submission to the ALR Regulation Consultation in August 2014. We wrote: Near the end of the Province article, the Ministry of Agriculture indicates that increased […]

Richmond could learn from ALR consultation

October 18, 2014

Note: This column and the one above it were published as “Digging Deep” columns in the Richmond Review. I’m adding them here in the “2014 Richmond election” category because consultation is an issue.   If you’re reading both, the message will be clearest if you start with the above one. __________ It’s great when government gets it right. Minister Norm Letnick […]

Hello, new ALC South Coast Panel

October 8, 2014

Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick has announced the make-up of the six regional panels of the Agricultural Land Commission. Only six of the 18 appointees (vice chairs and other commissioners) are holdovers on the commission, and one of those will be replaced in December. The news release provides brief bios. It’s hard to see how some of the […]