Garden . . . Coalition

If you choose to be active in keeping the Garden City Lands as green space in the Agricultural Land Reserve, you are welcome to participate in the Garden City Lands Coalition.

This blog, which is focused on the search for truth, is supportive of the Garden City Lands Coalition for two reasons:

  • The core group who helped concerned citizens to become a coalition have a record of community service and commitment to finding and sharing truth. 
  • On the basis of the truth that has been uncovered in the past two or three years, retaining the green space in the ALR in one way or another, rather than putting non-ALR construction on the Lands, is clearly the prudent course of action.

Besides this blog, there are:

  • An emailed newsletter group, the Friends of Garden City.
  • A Google group, Garden City Lands Coalition, coordinated by Arzeena Hamir, for people who want to keep the Lands green and in the ALR
  • A Facebook group, Garden City Lands, coordinated by Michael Wolfe and Arzeena Hamir, for anyone with an interest in the topic
  • An incorporated society, the Garden City Lands Coalition Society, with a board of directors of Richmond citizens

Contact the Garden City Lands Coalition at this address:
If you support saving the Garden City lands and wish to a Friend of Garden City receiving the newsletter, the Garden City News, simply put “Subscribe” in your email subject line.


  1. 1
    olga62 Says:

    I want to contact reg. where I can get an information about the norms we have in Richmond – what document governs it and where I can find it. Last year about Sept.-Oct. 2006 there was an announcement that city council is going to vote on cutting twice the norm for the park land in the Richmond’s City Center area (where I live on the north-east corner of the Blundell and Gilbert rd). I contacted them to oppose it and the answer was that in order to accommodate the norm after the all of the high rise buildings build there they simply do not have the amount of the space there – high density. I think that it means that development permits were issued in violation of the existent by-laws and this norm cutting was done as an attempt to conceal it. Probably there is some kinds of responsibility can be claimed for the violation of the by-laws by the city hall itself. So I wanted to check if the resolution to cut the park norm passed and anyways it existed when development permits were issued (dates before of new norms) so I would be interested in setting the group of the people living in the City center who’s right were violated then.

  2. 2

    Olga is absolutely right.

    Richmond Council reduced the park requirement for downtown Richmond by 50%. I opposed the change. Unfortunately, neither the original park requirement nor the new reduced one is mandatory before development can go ahead. Downtown Richmond will never have the amount of parkland needed. That’s one reason keeping all of the Garden City Lands is so important.

    The Parks Master Plan adopted by Richmond Council states that in 2003 we were already short 155 acres. By 2021 we will need 58% more park and open space than we have today and need to find an additional 832 acres in the next 13 years. The City Centre was short 16 acres in 2003 and required 213 more acres of park by 2021. By arbitrarily reducing the amount of park land needed we only need 107 acres in the City Centre by 2021. Isn’t that amazing!

  3. 3
    Pantelis Karaplis Says:

    When will the ALC make a decision on the Garden City Lands?

  4. 4
    kewljim Says:

    Pantalis, since they won’t consider the application until early June, it will be some time after that.

  5. 5
    Joshua ongcol Says:

    I am so happy theres a coalition group.
    I always drive by the lands and wondered how awesome it is for the space to be an area for gardening and community and all these important values.
    I wanted to be heard by the government at that time and suggest that but never knew how. or who to contact to.
    So now I feel hopeful and appreciate the work that your doing for that cause .
    Is there anything I can do to keep that going and make it happen?

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