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Ports Review for Hurriers: How to Save the World Today

November 29, 2018

Do you agree with this statement?

Transport Canada should replace the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority with a Western Canada Port Agency that
(1) heeds local governments,
(2) respects the ALR,
(3) treasures ecological diligence,
(4) is transparent and accountable, and
(5) looks first to Prince Rupert—capable, expanding, close to Asia—for port growth.

Yes? Then welcome to Ports Review for Hurriers! You are indispensable, and you will learn fast while quickly saving the world. The ten steps:

1 Download one of the input forms (Word version or PDF)
2 Open the document.
3 Read the directions to the Responder (you).
4 Click on a checkbox to deselect/select an issue.
5 Use the text boxes to add a few details.
6 Save.
7 Click on email link near top of form (to open a blank email).
8 Type something like “Input attached” in the body.
9 Attach your Word/PDF input to the message.
10 Send—by December 3rd.

Thank you!

To celebrate, join the Eurythmics
in “I Saved the World Today
read and take action with the articles below this one.

If you don’t see any, click on the “Natural legacies versus waste” banner. Yes, it would have been useful to read them before doing your input, but that’s “Ports Review for Excellers.”