Urge port-review ROUNDTABLES if you care, says MP Joe Peschisolido re Port Agency

MP Joe Peschisolido has indicated a need to “blow up” the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA). Despite the pyrotechnic glint in his eye, he simply means that VFPA would be easier to replace than to fix. He will enable the overdue Ports Review ROUNDTABLES if stakeholders urge them in their input. The Fraser Voices fillable Input Form makes that simple if one acts fast, since the deadline to email it is Monday, December 3. Download the form now in Word version or PDF version

If local council members, environmental groups and individuals do their part, they can succeed with MP Joe. Along with him, the ROUNDTABLES would likely include Transport Canada leaders and members of the federal Liberal Marine Ports Caucus, which MP Joe chairs. If that process gets the foreseeable results, it will be very good for BC’s ecological health, especially that of the Fraser Estuary and Salish Sea, and it will be good for the Pacific trade of Western Canada.

Why is MP Joe Peschisolido doing this?

He represents the Fraser River Estuary riding of Richmond-Steveston. He has knocked on many doors to hear constituents. He has also listened at his town hall meetings and to Richmond Council. He has heard much about the need for VFPA to change. While doing his job, with his listening and research, MP Joe has become a committed advocate for saving the ecological life of the Fraser from unbridled industrialization, as well as for combining commerce values with environmental ones in general.

In short, there has been longtime disappointment that Vancouver Fraser Port Authority does not collaborate with stakeholders—ports, terminals, all governments, organizations, etc., in BC and beyond, resolving concerns like these ones that the Fraser Voices Association (Richmond-based) and Against Port Expansion (Delta-based) put together. (Click on “concerns . .. ” for thorough, highly informed lists.)

Famously, Robin Silvester, CEO of VFPA, famously stated, “I don’t think we would be bound [by the Agricultural Land Reserve]. As a federal body here at Port Metro Vancouver, we have supremacy,” he said.

With motivation like that, MP Joe’s current commitment is to help the Ports Modernization Review end well and follow up in a further stage. Transport Canada’s consultation period for the Ports Review ends on Monday, December 3. Crucially, though, they haven’t held the many roundtable discussions they promised at the beginning. They appear to have held only one—for port authorities. Joe wants to make up for that.

As Marine Ports Caucus chair, MP Joe has committed to remain very involved in the review for months. In that role, he is also committed to ensuring BC roundtables about the port authorities (especially the Vancouver one) if council members, environmental groups and other individuals send “submissions” before Dec. 3 indicating that they wish to take part in roundtables he arranges.

Prince Rupert is one day closer to Asia than Vancouver—each way! This is one factor in a key proposal to replace the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority with a Western Canada Port Agency.

Download the fillable input form for Transport Canada’s Ports Modernization Review in Word version or PDF version.


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